First Timers

Whether this is your very first time climbing, or you’ve been at it for years, we guarantee we’ve got something for you.
Here’s what to expect the first time you come to the gym, and answers to some FAQ:


How much does it cost?

One of the first questions people ask when they’re getting ready to come to the gym, rightfully, is “how much does it cost?”. This answer varies a bit depending on your situation, so we’ve broken it down into a few common options but take a look at our PRICES page for more information!:

1. Families with kids:

Prices for families vary depending on age, how many will be climbing, and whether or not you want to take a Quick Belay Class (what’s that? See below!). Generally, this is what you’ll be looking at:

Children under 10: $12

Children over 10 and Adults (yes, parents can climb too!): $14

Gear Rental: $4 - This includes climbing shoes and a harness if you plan on using the ropes. In our Kids Room, climbing shoes are recommended but not required, in fact, plenty of kids prefer to wear their own close-toed shoes!

Quick Belay Class: $10 (or FREE on Friday nights for Family Night!)

So, let’s say you have two kids under 10 who want to climb and would feel better attached to a rope. Our Kids Room is going to be your best bet!

We have fun, colorful routes that climb like a ladder. We also have a slide, a swing and a huge painting of a giant (come see it; trust us!).

If you have never roped-up before, someone over 18 will need a Quick Belay Class to help the kids up the wall. This can be a parent, an older sibling, a grandparent; anyone! In the scenario above, you’ll pay $12 for each of the kids, $10 for the belay class, and $4 for each harness!

2. Students and Personnel:

We love giving discounts! Students and personnel get it good. Here are the price variations throughout the week.

Generally, as a student or personnel (includes military, fire, police, EMT, teachers, etc) you’ll pay $12 to climb for the day. If you want to add climbing shoes to that, which we do recommend for the Main/Bouldering Room, it’s an additional $4 making the total $16

Specials we run for students include Student Night on Wednesdays. When you come in, you’ll pay just $10 with shoes included. And, if you’re wanting to take a Quick Belay Class to use our top-rope room, (see below for the difference between our main Bouldering Room and our Top-Rope Room) we discount it to $5 on Wednesdays, too.

For additional information on pricing including memberships, punch cards and other weekly specials, click HERE!


Are my kids old enough?

You want to bring your kids to climb, but you’re not sure that they’re old enough. We always say “if you can walk, you can climb!”. We’ve had children under 2 years old make it to the top of our fun, colorful top-rope routes in the Kids Room!

Generally speaking, kids 10 and under tend to prefer our Kids Room. Older, more active kids tend to gravitate towards our main Bouldering room!

What’s the difference between top-roping and bouldering? See the description below.

Do I need to book in advance or can we just walk in?

The only time you’ll need to make a reservation with us is if you are bringing a group of 10 or more which requires booking a Group Climb. For information on booking a group, click HERE.

What is a good time to come? Is the Kids Room always open?

Generally, both of our rooms are open to the public. The Main/Bouldering room is always open. The only time our Kids/Top-Rope Room is closed off is if it is reserved for a birthday party or other event. We try to always post the times it will be closed on the Home Page of our website, but giving us a call to check before you come is never a bad idea!

What is the difference between Top-Rope and Bouldering?

See below!



Bouldering is climbing stripped down to the essentials. Here at Active Climbing, all you’ll need is a pair of climbing shoes and a chalk bag (which we can supply if you don’t have your own!). Our boulder problems (routes) are designed for climbers at every skill level with short, challenging problems. Additionally, safety mats are placed beneath all of our bouldering walls to help keep climbers safe.

Once you’re here, we can give you the run-down on how our routes and grading system work. And, for groups less than 10, there’s no appointment necessary- just show up!

Bouldering is appropriate for all ages, but tends to be more challenging than top-roping. If this is your first time, we recommend you come take a look and decide what is the best fit for you!

Click HERE to learn more about our pricing or feel free to contact us if you have any questions


Top-Roping (Quick Belay Class)

This class is designed for folks with little or no climbing experience who want to use our top ropes. It teaches the basic skills needed to top rope climb: securing your harness, climbing commands, safety checks and belay, i.e., managing the rope while your partner or children are climbing to protect them from a fall. We also can show you around the bouldering section where most of our members climb. After successfully completing this course, students are able to climb independently at Active Climbing.

Cost: Free for members /$10 non-members
Prerequisites: None
Age requirement to belay: 18 years of age and over
Age requirement to climb: None
Specials: Belay Classes are FREE on Fridays for families, $5 for ladies on Mondays and $5 for students on Wednesdays

Click HERE to learn more about our pricing or feel free to contact us if you have any questions


Want to do a private lesson?

We are here to help! Our experienced coaches can guide you though the maze.
Contact us and tell us when is a good time for you and we’ll check on our end and get you started.
Price: $60/person