Kid’s Climbing

There’s no better extracurricular activity than climbing. Give your

kids the opportunity to hone their minds, stay fit and have fun!

Climbing is one of the best ways you can encourage your child to strengthen their minds, get off the couch and have a good time while doing it! Climbing is a great way to exercise for all ages, and is a fun way to connect with your child. If you are an Athens, GA parent with young kids, there is no better way to keep them active than to enjoy indoor rock climbing with them.

Children Climbing Options

Two ways to get your children climbing

  1. We Belay – pull on the ropes – Your Children

    Good Value

    If you want to enjoy WATCHING your children climb, we can gear up your children (and parents if they’d like, it’s a great way to interact with your children) with shoes & harness and belay you both.

    The cost for this is $25/climber/hour

    Reservations are required and minimum of two climbers.

    Make an indoor rock climbing experience reservation.

  2. You Belay Your Children

    Best Value

    We can teach the parents or anybody, even the children (ages 12 and up), how to pull on the ropes (belay). This is a very safe, easy and fast way to learn the process of belaying and takes only a few minutes. Plus is cheaper!

    And next time you come you don’t have to pay for this class again, just rent the harness and the belay device and you are set to go! 

    This Quick Belay Class is part of the promotion we are running right now so take advantage of it!

    The advantage with this class is that once you’ve learn how to manage the ropes, you become “independent” and you can stay with your children as long as we are open that day, you can even leave to eat and then come back…a great indoor rock climbing experience with an amazing value.

    You’ll ask how much for yourself and one child. Here are the prices broken down:

  1. For one parent (first timers):
    • Quick Belay Class $8.50
    • One Harness FREE
    • One “Gri-Gri” Belay Device FREE

    For one child:

    • Kids Day Pass $10.75 (12 years old or under) or $12.75 (over 12 years old )
    • One Harnesses $1
    • Climbing Shoes $3 – the shoes are optional, your child CAN climb with their own shoes. Our special climbing shoes does make it easier to climb.We’ll be there to supervise and make sure all goes smooth.

      Interested in having your son or daughter’s next birthday party at our indoor rock climbing gym? We have a special party room for birthday parties!

Contact Us to find out more about giving your child the Active Indoor Rock Climbing experience.