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Welcome to Active Climbing, the old ice house. We are here to better serve you and keep you active. Ready to climb again? How? Read on…
We just wanna say that we care about you! We’ve got few tips for you to try when you come again.
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Welcome to Active Climbing e-newsletter !

You, prized members, one time customers, adventurers, parents with children, students and “never come back” folks, are a special group of people to us.

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PS – If you ever have any suggestions, insight or feedback on how we can improve this newsletter or the gym, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanksgiving Week Holiday Camp

Party Room.jpg
Say no to video games! Fun and healthy. Make new friends .

Active Climbing offers an holiday extra-curricular childcare for elementary and middle school students. We are the better alternative to video games, having in mind your child’s health. Let them play while they have fun in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, friendly staff and a room designed with them in mind.

To register please e-mail Adrian
Read more about our camp programs.

Athens’ Favorite Birthday Party Place
Birthday Party cake.jpg

Do you want your child’s birthday party to be something to remember? Something you and the other party guests will enjoy? Parents are invited to climb once or twice too, the kids really enjoy that! If your child is 6 and older we are a better option!
Separate area for parties, private kitchen, friendly staff, everything is taken care of, from set up to clean up!
Two hours of pure fun, easy to extreme courses, tunnels behind the walls, super long and fast slide, a rope swing, it’s all here.

Read more about our Birthday Party – fun all-around place.

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Teen Night
Dec 3rd 2010 – 8pm – 11pm !!!

Are you worried about your teen getting in trouble and doing some scary stuff? We are a drug free zone, a safe environment, where teenagers can meet, listen to their favorite music, climb here and there, make new friends. Parents will drop them off every first Saturday of the month at 8pm until 11pm. $15/person including belay class (how to pull the ropes), free rental and pizza!

USA Climbing.jpg
Team Georgia Spiders – Athens GA Youth Climbing Team
Ready to let your child take climbing to the next level. Are they hooked on it like we are? Then we are a team! Send them for the free to try it out!
Read more about our Youth Climbing Team!

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5 Ways to get better

Breathe deep. Can you smell the BBQ and fresh-cut grass wafting in the breeze? Summer is getting hotter and humid!

No worries, you haven’t missed your chance. There’s always time to train at Active Climbing. To get you going, here are a few quick tips you can use to be at your best inside and out.

1. Keep breathing!
(BBQs and fresh-cut grass, remember?)
Holding your breath while climbing is a favor to no one. By contrast, deep, full breaths keep your muscles happy, lower your heart rate, and practically guarantee better climbing.

2. Keep your arms straight!
( forearms getting pumped too fast?)
Well, that’s a common mistake most of us have when getting on the wall. The sooner you relax and keep your arms straight the better. Every time you bend your arms, imagine yourself on a pull-up bar. That froggy style kills everybody!

Read more tips, including the mental game, properly warming up, and few other techniques that will improve your climbing instantly.

*(Don’t worry, our doors are staying open if you want perma-shaded, instant-access climbing. You know our building used to be a huge freezer years ago, so it’s stays really cool here in the hooot summer days)

In this issue…
• Welcome!
• Thanksgiving Week Camp
• Five Tips to Climb Harder
• Athens’ Favorite Birthday Party Place
• Dec 3rd. Teen Nights!
• Youth Climbing Team

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• Not climbing as much as you’ll want to?
• Climbing alone ?

• We’ve got the walls set up for you to enjoy climbing even without a partner. If you climb sideways, traverse as we call it, you can do a super relaxing workout, close to the ground, on padded floor and without any ropes tight around you. It is really fun and easy.
You’ve got two options:
Step 1:
Buy only the day pass:

• $10 for college student
• $10 for children under 12 years old
• $12 for adults

Daily deals!
How about just $10 for climbing and rental.
You like that don’t you?!?

• Mon – Ladies Night

• Wen – Student/College
• Fri – Family Night – $10/person

Step 2.

Get a Beginners Class! Call Adrian at 706-354-0038 to schedule yours! A great way to learn the basics, get instruction and most important, the secrets of becoming a better climber.
Learn from one of the best:
named the best personal trainer by Inside Gwinnett in 2006!
Remember that climbing is a great workout alternative!

Yoga Classes! Don’t forget that every Tue from 5:30 we have Yoga Classes!
Free for first timers!
$5 for members and $8 for non members.
Mats and blocks are provided for free!

Why did Active Climbing send this e-newsletter?

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We’ve asked you then if you want to receive information about our facility. We had promised to not send junk emails, spam … we hate that too!
We apologize for any inconvenience this email may had created.

• Give yourself a relaxing break, you deserve it!

• We just wanna let you know that in one hour (of climbing) ladies burn 600 calories and guys burn 800!

• We’re trying to build a strong climbing community with exclusive news and announcements. Keep the gym open and more than that, improve it with every day!

• Send you promotions! Coming on the next issue by the way!
• We are thinking to extend the hours on Tue and Thu from 10am until 10pm. Please let us know if you are interested. Thank you!
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