Become A Better Climber

Want to develop as a climber? Feel like you’ve “peaked”? Active Climbing is here to help you train to the next level of bouldering, top roping or sport climbing.

Active Climbing’s main goal is to help you become a better climber. We know how hard it is to train to climb “stronger” when you don’t get to climb with others or people who can help you push past a plateau, so we’re here to help you in any area of climbing you want to advance.

Here are some tips so you can get better:

1. Keep breathing!
(BBQs and fresh-cut grass, remember?)
Holding your breath while climbing is a favor to no one. By contrast, deep, full breaths keep your muscles happy, lower your heart rate, and practically guarantee better climbing.

2. Keep your arms straight!
( forearms getting pumped too fast?)
Well, that’s a common mistake most of us have when getting on the wall. The sooner you relax and keep your arms straight the better. Every time you bend your arms, imagine yourself on a pull-up bar. That froggy style kills everybody!

3. Keep your feet on the wall!
(you’ve got two strong legs, remember!)
This is a good one. Your natural instinct is to pull with your arms and ignore the rest of the body. From your shoulders down, you don’t see anything, so guess what, you are dragging your dead body with your bear hands. If you can remind yourself “feet, feet, feet” you’ll feel the difference in the long term.

4. Climb for fun. Enjoy it! The more you stay on the wall, the better.
You can always start with our 175 feet traverse, you can use just the light blue holds, or you can just grab whatever looks good for you. Nobody will say a thing if you just have fun. Keep your body close to the wall, don’t overgrip, it’s like rubbing your hand on sandpaper, so again, relax!

5. Take your time. Climb like a cat does—quiet, deliberate, and precise. Picture the move, and then execute it. Use all of your limbs, not just two. The lower the angle of the climb, the more time you have, so use it. Make each move as fluid as possible.

Read even more tips, including the mental game, properly warming up, and few other techniques that will improve your climbing instantly.