Georgia Spiders: Athens Youth Climbing Team



Team Georgia Spiders mission is to encourage personal growth through the rich culture and community of rock climbing. We strive to nurture all of our athletes equally, independant of their ability, through education, communication, teamwork, and athleticism. We maintain an ethic that fosters community, stuardship, and mentorship and are continually challenging our athletes to realize their potential within climbing as well as in their everyday lives.
Team Georgia Spiders curriculum focuses on having fun while learning to overcome personal obstacles and fears. Coach Adrian and “Mr. Stick” are made up of outdoor educators who specialize in developmental climbing education through elite-level physical and technical training. They are committed to the individual improvement of each team member, as well as to the strength of the team as a whole. Through consistent coaching and experiential education, we teach the climbing skills necessary to explore the diversity and excitement of rock climbing in the safest and most knowledgeable way.
Climbers interested in Team Georgia Spiders should be highly motivated to advance their climbing skills. Each team member will gain a better sense of personal responsibility as well as teamwork.

We are looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of the travel expenses. Please send your donations by writing a check to Georgia Spiders and mail it to 665 Barber St., Athens, GA 30601. Thank you!
For more details please click on Georgia Spiders – sponsorship flyer

Recreational and Competitive Teams will start on Tuesday, August 20.

The Recreational Team meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  The Competitive Team meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

We started this great program a few years ago, designed for children ages 7 and up, children that want to take climbing to the next level; children that like to be ACTIVE CLIMBING. If your kids have been here before for a party or on a field trip and liked it, well … have them try it again, this time more serious. But still fun!

Benefits for your Child

    1. The sport of rock climbing is going to help teach your child to focus.
    2. The kids will learn how to climb and trust others, to respect and understand how to plan ahead. We will be like a second family for them, a place where they can relax and have fun, while doing something productive and healthy.
    3. They will learn techniques that will help them climb more efficiently. It’s not just to get them to the top of the wall, it’s how graceful they do that.
      Climbing is like a dance on a wall. If you see a professional climber on the wall, everything looks so easy, so smooth … and even if your children don’t go all the way to the world cup, they will learn how to climb like a pro.

Georgia Spiders – representing Athens all around the country!

Climbing may sound like a joke, but if you get to see how far you can go with this sport, you’ll be amazed by the complexity and amount of training involved in this great activity. From local competitions (all around GA), regional championship (TN, FL, SC, NC), divisional championship, national championship to the ultimate World Cup. Read more on the official site for USA Climbing if you want to discover how many we are out there!

The children will learn how to belay (how to safely use the ropes) plus, get the basics on how to climb. We will provide the climbing shoes, the safety harnesses, and will watch the children to see if they have something towards climbing. After this trial, your child will give you feedback on what they think about this whole new activity, and we will do the same. We will give you our take on how your child did.

There are two Climbing Team Options

Recreational Climbing Team

Here we’ll have the children that want to learn more about climbing, but not necessarily to compete. If they get better we can always move them to the next level. The children will learn almost the same stuff like the other team. This team will train twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday , 4PM to 5PM. The cost of the team is $120 per month with rental included. If you decide to have your child on the team, we’ll guide you on what you need to get as far as equipment when that time comes. The $120 fee includes the monthly membership as well, so they can climb anytime they want to. Join us and help your child build confidence, strength and balance while having fun!

Competitive Climbing Team

Here we’ll have the kids that feel like this is it! They want to get better in climbing, train more specifically for the higher level of climbing. The kids will compete all around the country, competing with kids the same age – division – In competitions they will place individually, so even if the rest of the team didn’t do so well, your kid still can be on top of the podium.
This team will train three times a week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 5:00 to 7:00PM. The workouts day is on Wednesday from 5-6:30PM. Team fees are $150, rental and membership included.

Join us and help your child build confidence, strength and balance while having fun!

Email coach Adrian (see his info on the page ” about me ” here, on the website) if you have any questions or to reserve a spot for your child today.
If you want to help the team, we are looking for sponsors right now! Thank you everybody for your support!

Other Costs and Things to Consider

There are two seasons involved in climbing: Climbing with ropes (Sport Climbing), and climbing without ropes (Bouldering).  The Sport Climbing season starts in late February with Nationals in July. Bouldering season starts in September and runs through the beginning of February.  There are five levels of competition: Local, Regional, Divisional, National and World Cup.  It’s broken up by age groups (same as other sports), starting with 11 and under (Youth D), 12/13 (Youth C), 13/14 (Youth B), 15/16 (Youth A), 17/18 (Juniors).

If your child decides to compete, you need to be aware of additional costs that will come up during the season.   In Competitive Climbing, a climber must register with USA Climbing in order for any of the comps to count. This fee runs around $75 for the full season, which covers both Sport Climbing and Bouldering.  The climber must compete in at least two local competitions, between Atlanta and Athens, each having an entrance fee around $40.  The Regionals fee is around $75, Divisionals fee $100, Nationals $150.  World Cup = $$$.

Keep Climbing!