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Sunday :  2PM – 6PM

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Recreational Team

(Ages 7-12)

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Competition Team

(Ages 7-17)


There are currently no openings on Team Active. Tryouts for next season will begin in August.

Email with any questions.

The sport of rock climbing will help teach your child to focus. Our kids will learn how to climb, to trust and respect others, and the importance of planning ahead. They gym will become a second home. Active Climbing is a place where they can relax and have fun, while doing something productive and healthy.

They will learn techniques that will help them climb more efficiently. Climbing is like a dance on a wall. If you watch an expert climber, everything looks so easy and effortless.  And even if your children don’t go all the way to the World Cup, they will learn how to become an Active Climber.

Join us and help your child have fun while building confidence, strength, and balance.
Email Coach Adrian with any questions or to reserve a spot for your child today.

Recreational Team

The Recreational Team is the perfect fit new climbers, whether they’re learning to climb or honing their skills. The Recreational Team trains once a week, on Thursdays from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

The cost of the Recreational Team is $120 per month and includes a monthly membership and all gear rentals. The Recreational Team is for the children who want to learn more about climbing, but not necessarily to compete.

If your child develops an interest in competing, we can always move them to the next level. The kids will learn the same techniques as the Competition Team, but will not focus on the added challenges that arise from a competition setting.

We encourage you to buy them a pair of climbing shoes, a harness, and a chalk bag if they become serious about it. We’ll be happy to advise you on the particulars, when the time comes.

Competition Team

This is the team for kids who love to climb! The Competition Team has the opportunity to compete across the country against kids in the their own age groups. In competitions they will place individually, so your child can still be on top of the podium, even if the rest of the team didn’t do as well.

This team will train two times each week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. Team fees are $200 per month, with membership and rentals included.

If you’d like to contribute to the team, we are currently seeking sponsorship. We’d love to put your business on our shirts as a display of our gratitude. This sponsorship helps us take the team to regional and national competitions.

Additional Information

You may not drop your child early. Pick-up is also strictly enforced. For every additional 10 minutes your child is here you will be fined $10.

Team dues must be paid no later than the 5th of each month. There will be a $20 charge for late/declined payments. No exceptions. We do have the option to set it up as EFT (electronic funds transfer) for hassle-free payment, if you would like.

Parents, you are invited to wait and watch your child. But, in order to better coach the team, we ask that you respect our coaches by keeping your voices down and not interfering in practice. The moment your child hears your voice, they will get distracted.

If you have any siblings/guests with you, please keep them upstairs quiet and entertained. Don’t let them distract the other kids. You will be charged for a day pass if they start playing around and using the slide section or any of the climbing walls.

Competition Structure

There are two seasons involved in climbing: Climbing with ropes (Sport Climbing), and climbing without ropes (Bouldering). The Sport Climbing season starts in late February with Nationals in July. The Bouldering season starts in September and runs through the beginning of February.

There are five levels of competition: Local, Regional, Divisional, National and World Cup. It’s broken up by age groups (like other sports), starting with 11 and under (Youth D), 12/13 (Youth C), 13/14 (Youth B), 15/16 (Youth A), 17/18 (Juniors).

If your child decides to compete, you need to be aware of additional costs that will come up during the season. In Competitive Climbing, a climber must register with USA Climbing in order for any of their competitions to count. This fee runs around $75 for the full season, which covers both Sport Climbing and Bouldering. The climber must compete in at least two local competitions, between Atlanta and Athens, each having an entrance fee around $40. The Regionals fee costs around $75, The Divisionals fee is roughly $100, Nationals $150, World Cup = $$$.

Outdoor climbing trips are roughly $50/day (this fee includes transportation and coaching). Depending on how far we go, it may be just a bit more.

Please respect our regular members and customers, who have a lot of patience with the kids. Most members avoid coming here when the team is here, so let’s balance that, shall we?!

Thank you for your understanding.